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Outside Catering Liverpool

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Go Beyond Catering


We have recently been selected by acclaimed photographer Tim Walllace to host the event catering at the Land Rover Experience at the Halewood plant in Liverpool.

The experience we have gained in corporate catering has assured tim that the event will be handled by our most experienced members of catering staff to the highest standard.

We will be serving a full breakfast buffet followed by a lunch including a hot roast carvery.

Take a look at the below video to give an insight into the location in Liverpool we will be setting up our kitchen facility

Land Rover Outside Catering Video

A selection of some of Tims other inspirational work at


Climb Kilimanjaro

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 Superior Sandwiches, Outside caterers working throughout Merseyside and Cheshire and as far as needed!

We are proud to confirm our support for 2 of our good customers, Stephen & Julians climb to the peak of one the largest free standing mountains in the world.  Superior Catering will be supplying all the waterproof clothing for the trip and will be stocking up their lunchboxes!


I am still in the early stages of planning the support for the brave duo from Liverpool.  Full details of the itinerary will be posted soon.







Catering, sandwich platters… and vans

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Superior Sandwiches:Office catering, location catering and corporate catering in Liverpool, Warrington and Cheshire.Click to contact us



Welcome to the Platter Chatter Blog

This is going to do pretty much what it says  on the tin: we’ll be talking about all things platter-related,  fr om the importance of      fresh sandwich ingredients    through to      how    we  run  a professio nal catering  operation .       


Along the way we’ll also share some top Superior secrets, such as our favourite recipes for fresh fillings, how to become the  sandwich king, and even introduce you to some of the people who deliver our services and products throughout Liverpool, Warrington, Cheshire and Merseyside.


But first: vans.

We have a fleet of vans that deliver fresh sandwiches and location catering throughout the Warrington, Liverpool and Widnes area. Every time we get a new one, we like to sound people out on where they’d like it to go. And we’re about to welcome another van to our collection, around September.

So, if you’re feeling peckish and fancy a sandwich or an entire buffet delivered fresh to your door, let us know!

You might be an office worker in Liverpool with an urge for a grilled sandwich, who can’t face Starbucks any more.

Perhaps you’re a trader in Birchwood and you want those ‘sweets and savouries’ – snacks and drinks that help you through your day.

Or you’re running a business in over Cheshire and you really need top-class catering for some critical meetings.

Even if you think it’s just you and no one else, you could be wrong. Ask around the office or mention it to your friends and family. Chances are you could swing things your way.

Just add your comment below, with your vote for where you think we should go next, and why. What do you win? A van, turning up when you want, with the best sandwiches and location catering this side of the Watford Gap, that’s what!

And if you just want to be notified when there’s some chatter on the Platter Chatter Blog (try saying that with your mouth full), just click the orange icon that’s lit up near the top right of your screen. From then on, you’ll know what we’re doing, when we’re doing it.

Until the next time…